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The El Dude Brothers are well and truly back. After last week  saw Mark and Jeremy brought back together into that mutually dependent/destructive bromance we all know and love, the second episode saw the status quo well and truly returned and possibly managed to top the excellence of ‘The William Morris Years’.

webANXPeepShowS9Ep2It’s time for Super Han’s wedding, and due to Jeremy falling into the category of ‘smackhead, crackhead’, Mark has been enlisted as the best man – a role he has no interest in until he discovers Dobby (who he has been tracking online, naturally) will be attending. We also have Mark and Jeremy engaged in a fued regarding the central heating, and thus the stage is set for the hilarious, on-the-nose brand of comedy that made Peep Show such a success in the first place.

It was great to see Isy Suttie back as Dobby, even better to see that she had, as Mark so dejectedly pointed out, ‘blossomed’. New York appears to agree with her, and to Mark’s horror she has even gone and got herself a hipster boyfriend in the shape of the oh-so-ironic Gregory. The hipster satire is funny without taking over the entire episode, and provides some excellent background humour throughout.

Super Hans’ wedding is the perfect platform for madness, and as usual Matt King steals every scene he is in, with his wedding vows providing some of the most laugh out loud moments of the episode. Other highlights include his lengthy definition of Mark and his totally passive reaction to Jeremy’s antics. More Super Hans can never be a bad thing, and the fans are really getting what they want so far this series.

Mitchell and Webb 3But back to the stars of the show, both Mark and Jeremy show signs of actual character development this week, and it is suitably hilarious. Mark is finally learning the art of letting go, something he has struggled to achieve over the years of pining after Sophie and then Dobby, failing to realise how truly incompatible he was to both of them. It could have felt like a rehash of when he realised he didn’t love Sophie, but the fact that he didn’t go through with a marriage to save an awkward situation this time around differs it, though it is just as funny.

Jeremy however is questioning his sexuality – properly questioning it. Jez’s sexual orientation isn’t something that has really featured heavily in the show, with the general consensus being that he will have sex or attempt to have sex with anything that has a pulse. It is therefore uncharted territory to see him pondering the idea that he might have real feelings, for a man. Peep Show has always been at its best when providing social commentary, and Jez’s speech at the wedding strikes reminiscent of the one he made at a relatives funeral back in Series one in that it makes no actual sense, but still manages to strike a chord in some weird, convoluted way.

Time will tell whether these character developments will carry on to the next episode, or if we will return to the flat next week to find Mark pining after Dobby and Jez falling victim to every animal urge. However the rest of the series pans out, after a strong couple of opening episodes we can be all but certain that it will be laugh out loud cringe comedy at its best.

Here are my five favourite quotes from episode two…

“We’ve got a ‘no smackheads, no crackheads’ rule, so the old longlist is pretty short”

Super Hans sheds some light on the wedding guest list

“I have so many funny stories about Hans, where do I start? The time he tried to cut off my legs when he was tripping because he thought I was a demon? Or the time he just went straight for me with a chicken skewer for no apparent reason?”

Mark ponders his best man’s speech

“I’m getting married, and I would punch in the throat anyone who tried to stop me. That is how I feel today.”

– Just one excerpt from Super Hans’ emotional wedding vows

“Oh my god their doggers. I’m going to get dogged.”

– A typical Mark reaction to hitch-hiking

“How long have you been filming Jez have sex Mark.”

Super Hans’ nonchalant reaction to Mark’s surveillance equipment

What were your highlights of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments section!


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