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peep-show-s3-20090618172600_625x352We are now halfway through the final series of Peep Show, and the El Dude Brothers are yet to disappoint. Threeism dials things back considerably after the madness that ensued last week, but it was no less funny.

Mark (David Mitchell) has moved on from Dobby (Isy Suttie) it would seem, but that doesn’t mean he has become any rational in his quest for love. This week he has tracked down April (Catherine Shephard), a girl he followed to Dartmouth University back in Series 2 (yes, really). April could be the one after all, but she’s married now. Mark sense some resentment, so of course he organises a dinner party in an attempt to lure her away from monogamy.

Jeremy (Robert Webb) on the other hand is trying out life as a gay man, except then he decides to sleep with his lover Joe’s girlfriend Megan – his (presumably only) life coach client. Before long he has created a very Jez-esque situation that of course wreaks havoc upon Mark’s aforementioned dinner party.

This is the first time this series that we have not been graced with the company of Super Hans (Matt King), and it is mainly due to this that it feels like this episode operates at a much lower key. Super Hans has always been excellent due to the fact that he just pops up from time to time – a reflection of the thoroughly random nature of his character – so it’s probably not a bad thing. Plus, if it turns out last week was the last we see of him – what a way to go.

We see the return of another character in the form of April. With it being the last series, we are seeing a ‘greatest hits’ of sorts with the return of various characters. April was a surprising but ultimately welcome addition – she was a one-off character, but it actually follows Marks development to realise that she is the type of girl he should have been pursuing long term. It wouldn’t be Peep Show if it was that simple, and Mark’s bumbling attempts to wean her off her husband were fantastic.

The final series is shaping up well at this point – a perfect blend of comedy and progression in each episode. With only three more to go, it’s getting hard to come around to the idea of it all coming to an end.

My top five quotes from this episode are…

“Eyes? Bleach? Is that a bad one?” 

The rare situation where Jeremy is the voice of reason.

“He’s very decent, very wholesome. How can I steal his wife?”

Mark back on his lifelong quest to find ‘the one’.

“Oh no, Joe in bedroom, Megan in the hallway – I’m playing genital jenga” 

Jeremy is also back to his usual antics, albeit with a twist.

“Beans are pasta sauce!”

Jeremy keeping it classy, as always.

“I live with a gay couple. It’s political correctness gone normal”

Mark doing what he does best – being Mark.


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