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The results are in for the top christmas adverts of 2015

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If my recent posts haven’t managed to give it away already, I am a huge fan of this time of year. Christmas is my favourite holiday – its the time when I get to come home, relax and spend time with my family. The build up to christmas day is an exciting time, and when the christmas adverts start to appear on TV I know it’s time to start getting excited. The big competition for this years crown as the king of the christmas adverts drew to a close yesterday, and a list was released with the top nine adverts based on Youtube views up until 12pm on the 21st of December.

The list features nine christmas adverts released in the UK this year, but before going into those I want to mention a personal favourite of mine that wasn’t on the list…


Vodafone opted for a hilarious advert this year. A family rear a turkey for christmas dinner, only to become so attached to it that it joins them at the table on the day for a nut roast as Westlife’s Flying Without Wings transports your soul to uncharted heights. The idea is to “get closer to the ones you love this christmas” and presumably to also realise that turkeys can actually be quite cute (in a creepy kind of way). This advert has it all – cute(?) animals, drama, suspense and Westlife.

Moving onto the list, click on the links to see each brands christmas website…



Verdict: There’s nothing wrong with Asda’s advert, but there also isn’t really anything that makes it stand out from the pack. It features a variety of christmassy scenarios, but the accompanying song – Sax by X Factor runner up Fleur East – ruins any attempt at a true festive feel created by the visuals. This is nothing against the song per se, but as upbeat as it may be it certainly detracts from the overall aim of the advert, and probably has a lot to do with why it ranked last despite being one of the first released, whole 54 days before christmas.


520, 000 views

Verdict: I am a huge fan of Lidl’s advert and was surprised to see it come in eighth place (I would easily have it in the top five, at least). The advert features a ‘school of christmas’ which has a variety of classes teaching festive etiquette, from how to react to a sub-par gift to creating the perfect leftover sandwich. It’s a funny and slightly different take on christmas advertising, and it certainly fulfilled its function of being memorable – all in all a great effort from the German supermarket chain.



Verdict: Just winning out ahead of its rival comes other German supermarket chain Aldi, who went for a festive take on the song My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. It’s a nice idea that allows them to cram in a number of reasonably priced festive treats, but I personally found the song to be slightly grating and was prone to turning it off whenever it came on TV, probably the opposite of the desired effect.


660,000 views (average)

Verdict: Tesco went for a different approach this year, releasing a series of shorter seasonal adverts based around a family, played by Ruth Jones (Gavin & Stacey), Ben Miller and Will Close. All in all the segments didn’t prove to be overly popular, though I found some of them to be pretty amusing – particularly The Final Shop, the latest one to come out. Other efforts were more cringe than funny, but Ruth Jones is so likeable that it is hard to say anything too bad about these adverts, plus Tesco should be commended for daring to do something a little different.



Verdict: This one falls pretty much into the same category as the Asda one for me, though Waitrose admittedly has a much better version of the same idea. The advert features christmas scenarios and poses the question – what makes your christmas? It also features celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, who has endorsed the supermarket chain since 2010. It apparently cost almost £1 million to make (read about it in this article for The Telegraph), and whilst it does have a very polished look about it, its hard to see where all that money could have gone. It’s a decent effort, just not a memorable one.


2 million views

Verdict: Talk about cheeky marketing! As if it wasn’t enough to deface a musical classic, Aldi then had the gall to take on John Lewis, the grandaddy of all christmas ads, by taking their price comparison format and applying it to a spoof of the Man on the Moon advert (more on that later). It is admittedly pretty funny, but at 2 million views to John Lewis’ 23 million, the joke might be one them.


2.5 million views

Verdict: This is probably the only advert that I really actively dislike on the list. Sure, the Aldi song one was irritating  but it was a nice concept that didn’t pan out upon execution. This offering from M&S however, is just plain awful. It’s a festive take on the chains recent line of #theartof ads, and it is certainly something different, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s not christmassy enough – where are the cute animals and soppy stories? THAT’S what we want, not whatever this is. It just feels like overcompensation to me, and using what is potentially the most overplayed song of the century doesn’t help – Uptown Funk is not christmas soundtrack material.


23 million views

Verdict: Onto the big dogs now – John Lewis moved away from cute animals this year and went for another area that is sure to tug at the heartstrings with the elderly. Teaming up with Age UK, the department store giants urged us to “show someone they’re loved this christmas” after telling the story of the lonely man on the moon to Half the World Away as sung by Norwegian artist Aurora. The advert reportedly cost £1 million and was just one component in a £7 million campaign, with profits from a mug, gift tag and card on sale in stores going to Age UK. Coincidentally, christmas day will feature a full moon, which is a nice little touch to add to your enjoyment of this wonderful advert.


26 million views

Verdict: As good as John Lewis’ effort was this year, there could be no other winner. Sainbsbury’s, in a stroke of complete genius, brought back Judith Kerr’s beloved Mog the cat in an adorable three minute advert narrated by none other than Emma Thompson. It is a true embodiment of everything one would want in a festive ad, and it was released to public acclaim on the 12th of November. A book – Mog’s Christmas Calamity, and a cuddly toy were also released, with proceeds going to Save the Children. A great idea and an even better cause, Sainsbury’s are the worthy winner of the 2015 battle of the christmas adverts.

What was your favourite christmas advert of 2015? Let me know in the comments section!

If you would like to find out more about Age UK or Save the Children, or if you would like to donate, click the links above to be taken to their respective websites.